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Weaverham Forest Primary School and Nursery

Welcome to Year 5

Mrs Williams 

Mrs Higgins, Mrs Morris, Miss Owen and Mr Roberts

Please see below for our yearly overview.

Year 5 Yearly Overview

Summer Term


In English this half term, we will be focussing our writing on the book 'Kai and the 
Monkey King' by Joe Todd-Stanton. The outcome from the unit will be for the class to write a myth set in Ancient China, creating characters (heroes, villains and monsters) and settings. In our reading lessons we will be reading 'Exploring Space' by The Literacy Company.


In Maths this half term, we will be looking at fractions. This will include how to multiply fractions by an integer, find fractions of an amount and finding the whole problems.


Our Science topic this half term is 'Space'.We will be exploring the movement of the celestial bodies in our Solar System, including the Earth and other planets and the Moon. We will also discover how the rotation of the Earth causes night and day and how sundials work. 


We will be learning all about what life is like in the Alps. We will be considering the climate of mountain ranges and why people choose to visit the Alps; focusing on Innsbruck and looking at the human and physical features that attract tourists; investigating tourism in the local area and mapping recreational land use; presenting findings to compare the Alps to the children’s own locality..


As well as four reads a week, children will continue to have Maths and English activities assigned online through Spelling Shed and Prodigy Maths. Children could also complete sessions on Reading Plus.