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Weaverham Forest Primary School and Nursery



At Weaverham Forest Primary School we believe that History should stimulate the children’s interest, curiosity and understanding about the past. Through the curriculum, pupils will gain a knowledge and understanding of Britain’s past and that of the wider world. We teach children a sense of chronology and through this develop a sense of identity and an awareness of the challenges of their time.


All year groups follow the Kapow Primary History Curriculum, which encompasses the National Curriculum Objectives for History by delivering lessons focusing on:

  • Historical enquiry (through the use of images and artefacts)
  • Research (through the use of the Internet and living testemonies)
  • Investigations
  • Involving our families and wider school community

From the moment they enter Reception children at Weaverham Forest children are encouraged to ask questions about the past to develop their understabding and appreciation of what went on before.

In Key Stage 1 children learn about some significant events, but also beome more aware of the idera of history being anything from the past that might be different to how we live and survie today. Significant world events are studied such as the first flight, the moon landings, key British monarchs and many other key dates.

From Year 3 onwards pupils study a number of specific periods of history, civilisations and key events.

Please see the attached file for an overview of our school's History (and alternating Geography) curriculum, delivered via the Kapow framework.

Also attached is the overview created by Kapow that explains in more detial how learning experinces are delivered and studied.

*Units and the time period at which they are delivered may fluctuate from one year to the next*

Assessments will take place through formative questioning during lessons and summative records identifying pupils working above and towards age related expectations at the end of each project or unit of work. Monitoring through book looks and pupil voice at regular intervals throughout the year will ensure progress and  attainment are at expected standards.

A History day will be embraced focusing on time lines. The children are made aware of historical events in the news and media through regular assemblies, trips and links to lessons.

Each classroom has a display to showcase their work that changes with each Cornerstones Maestro Project, and all pupils record their work in writing books and Best Books.


Children in History will  be equipped to ask questions, think critically, weigh evidence and develop perspective and judgement. Pupils will understand the complexity of pupil’s lives, the process of change, the diversity of societies and the relationship between different groups.