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Weaverham Forest Primary School and Nursery



Children to leave with a range of happy and rich memories in French formed through interactive, exciting and fun experiences that enhance a child’s awareness of their own abilities and strengths as a learner.

  • See learning a foreign language as an ongoing process and not a one-off event.
  • Children meet the NC expectations in French, which will be taught through and supported by the Primary Languages Network.
  • All children  from Reception to Year 6 will study French every week.
  • They will increasingly use their prior knowledge to build on their understanding.
  • Develop the skills to appropriately understand, speak, read, write and transcribe phrases, as well as use and manipulate a variety of key grammatical structures.
  • Feel comfortable with a language. 


Progress is built into the SoW options: Click2Teach - BeCreative - TeachByStory. Click to teach is aimed at non specialist teachers.

Refer to Long Term and Medium Term Plans

Progress each year in the skills of language learning are measured against the Assessment Benchmarks.

Children understand how French is used in the wider world including careers.

We encourage children to use language in different situations which will enable them to overcome fears and build confidence.

Timetables will be set before the academic year and monitored by the subject leader 


Assessment is based on the Assessment Benchmarks (working towards/ meeting/ exceeding) Through French, children deepen their appreciation of different cultures. There is a clear learning journey throughout school Children and talk enthusiastically about their learning in French and are eager to further their learning

Through wider reading and experiences in French, children will gain an appreciation and understanding of the country and some of its historical links to other parts of the world and historical events.

Learning a second language offers a lifetime of opportunities and speaking another language opens the door to new possibilities & opportunities