Year 2 Homework 2015-16

In Year 2 we see homework as enrichment, not punishment, so will set tasks on a weekly basis to help enhance your child's education.

Although no set time limits are in place, it is expected that by the end of Key Stage 1 children:

*read every school night (at least 5 times per week!)

*complete 20 minutes per week on games and challenges set by staff on the Education City platform

*complete at least one of the tasks suggested on the topic homework page, linked to topic work being covered in class. Task(s) are set at the start of a topic / half term and can be handed in right up till the final week of that block.

Spellings will also be available on a weekly basis via Education City and / or a spelling activity sent home separately. These will usually tie in with our phonics sounds of the week and will be revised through dictation sessions.

PLEASE NOTE that for the first half term the programs and activities available to access on Education City might be ones the children have already completed whilst in Year 1. From Autumn 2 topics covered during September and October in class will be available to reinforce understanding.

Homework can be monitored on Education City but it is not necessary to print off certificates to prove a task has been completed - of course if the children like the idea please feel free.

Homework is not 'chased up' but we do offer medals and house points, especially after the completion of topic homework every half term.

We hope this makes sense but if you have any further questions please get in touch.

Year 2 Team.

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