Year 6 2023 - 2024

Miss Treasure

Welcome to Year 6!

Staff: Miss Treasure  Miss McClellan  Miss Baker


Unheard Histories: Who should go on a banknote?

During this history project, children will name the features of a banknote; make inferences about people on a banknote; explain the significance of historical figures; make inferences from different sources; decide whether a person is historically significant using specific criteria; research important aspects of a peron's life and explain what makes a person significant. 


During the first part of the Autumn Term, we will be focussing on stories about the Windrush Generation. At the end of the unit, the children's writing outcome will be to write an information leaflet about a period in Black history (hybrid text type including information, recount and explanation).

Mastery Keys - Ye group National Curriculum expectations

  • enhance meaning through selecting appropriate grammar and vocabulary
  • use modal verbs and adverbs to indicate degrees of possibility
  • use brackets, dashes or commas to indicate parenthesis

Feature Keys - vocabulary, manipulating sentences and tense, structure

  • use concise word choices
  • select language to appeal to the reader
  • clarify technical vocabulary
  • adapt formality to suit purpose and audience
  • provide well-developed factual information for the reader 
  • manipulate style for specific purpose and audience (hybrid text)
  • include a summarising statement
  • use clear organisational features

Class reading book: The Boy at the Back of the Class


In the Autumn Term, children will look at a range of mathematical concepts:

  • Place value - numbers up to 10 million and negative numbers
  • Four operations - addition and subtraction; multiples, factors, square numbers and primes; multiplying up to 4-digit numbers by 2-digit; division using factors and representing remainders as fractions and deciamls; order of operations
  • Fractions - addition and subtraction, multiplying and dividing fractions, fractions of amounts
  • Converting units of measurements - length


Homework will be set each Monday for the Friday of the same week. Children will be given a page of English and a page of Maths from their revision books. Reading is also still a big focus and children should aim to have at least 3 recorded reads a week.

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