Reception Gardeners

Date: 19th Apr 2016 @ 7:06pm

19/04/16- Reception Class gardeners took advantage of the wonderful weather today to begin gardening. Great work breaking up the soil and weeding the bed. They found worms, held them and talked about them being good for the soil. Finn, Niamh and Harrison planted ready grown pea plants and stuck pea sticks in near them. They also planted some dry pea seeds just in case! Then they watered everything. Great work Finn, Niamh and Birthday boy Harrison!

Thanks Gardener Mike for your help and expertise. smiley

Date: 10th May 2016 @ 8:56pm

10/05/16- Today's gardeners working with Mike were Billie, Abi R and Oliver Y. They gardened in the rain and the soil stuck to their hands but the children worked hard and achieved a lot. They dug up some past-flowering bulbs and sowed some radish seeds, they cultivated the soil and threw about five slugs out of the garden! The worms are happy in the soil. The children made some signs for their plot but it was too wet to put them up today.

Fantastic work from all our hard core gardeners. Thank you all. smiley

Date: 17th May 2016 @ 1:30pm

17/05/16- Today we had Oliver W, Kyle and James. The boys were all involved and did a lot of work. With Mike they put up the signs on our garden plot, looked at and identified the plants- Strawberries, peas, and the radishes (that were planted last week) have germinated already! The garden was thoroughly watered by the three boys. They then moved onto replacing the planting in the big pots in the Reception playground. They took out the now faded Daffodils and the Bellis daisies and replaced them with Pelargoniums and Lobelia which will thrive and fill up the pots quite quickly. As ever these were watered until they were begging for mercy! No harm done!

Great work from our enthusiastic and cooperative gardeners. Thank you.

Date: 24th May 2016 @ 3:00pm

24/05/16- Today's gardeners were Olivia, Zulah and Oscar. The weather was lovely, and the children enthuisiastic and talkative. Under Mike's guidance and expertise our tasks were to straw the strawberries, a little weeding, cultivate the soil and thin out the radish seedlings. They also identified stinging nettles and spiky thistles to keep away from, not in our garden of course...they wouldn't dare! Then onto watering which is always fun. They watered our garden plants, the tubs by the school entrance, Mr Jones' Pansies and the flower tubs in the reception playground. 

This all took most of the afternoon but the children's interest never flagged! Well done. smiley

Date: 7th June 2016 @ 1:30pm

07/06/16- Today we had Isabella, Daniel and Jacob in the gardening team. With Mike they looked at the strawberry plants, the pea plants climbing their sticks and the little radish plants. Everything looked healthy and weed-free so they did lots of watering to give the plants a good drink. No signs of any peas yet but there are green fruits on the strawberry plants, maybe next week!

Turning to flowering plants, the tubs were watered, Mr Jones' pansies cultivated and given a good water too. Watering is heavy work especially on a lovely hot day but the children were thorough and careful. Well done Isabella, Daniel and Jacob, excellent work today.


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