School Garden

This page is dedicated to any news, events and growth that will take place in the school garden!

23/03/15- Year 2 have placed their sunflower pots inside the polytunnel as the first items to use this fantastic resource, although we will have to go some way to beat the already impressive lengths year 5 are showing!

23/03/15- I t has taken a little over 2 months but we have a polytunnel to be proud of. A huge thank you to Mr Rushton, Mr & Mrs Williams, Mr Bulbeck, Mr Thomas Jenn and Jim, not forgetting our very own Mr Jones for a sterling effort over 2 weekends to piece together Weaverham's new landmark! It is a proud day for the school and let's hope this time next year it is brimming with produce to help our local community!

08/03/15- It was also nice to see the progress of some of the plants that have grown since our big push on the school garden. You might get to see some of the fruits of the children's labours on Friday ;-) 

08/03/15- Yesterday Mr Jones and I were joined by a hardy bunch of volunteers to begin and complete phase 1 of the Poly tunnel. We certainly had the weather for graft and have only the polythene left to attach and then it will be all systems go! Thanks so much for all your efforts guys!

26/02/15- Although it has taken a while we are planning a community build day to start the polytunnel construction from 10am on Saturday 7th March. Please do not bring children as it will be hard manual work to specific angles and dimensions. If you are free any any time during that day please let the office know or grab Mr. Proctor on the playground.

23/01/15- The Polytunnel has finally been ordered! Watch this space for news about a good old fashioned community get together for the Great Weaverham Build...

23/01/15- A big thanks to Jack, Ben, Jimmy, Zak, Aaron, Sam, Harvey, Conrad and Nick for their enthusiasm and strength in turning the soil in all the raised beds ready for the planting push we are going to have over the next few weeks. The boys also planted som onion bulbs in the Year 6 bed that should be ready for harvest towards the end of the school year. More pictures of their efforts can be found in the Year 6 gallery...

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